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Have a new alarm system with door bell camera financed at no cost WAC @ at starting montitoring. We have a non finance option with upfront pay. Includes up to 4 doors, 2 motions/glass break and door bell camera. Must have wifi for door bell with up to 200 ft range and 8 meg up 4 meg down.

Standard residental Alarm system

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  • FULL VOICE RESPONSE The panel gives clear notifications that indicate system status, zone descriptions, alarms, and emergencies. DATE, TIME & WEATHER DISPLAY* With a touch, scroll through the date, time, and daily weather forecast. Has the ability to receive messages, including severe weather warnings. QUICK ACCESS The one touch access buttons allow the quickest help possible in an emergency. The panel’s LED lit buttons indicate the system’s status. USER FRIENDLY LCD TOUCH SCREEN The easy-to-use color touch screen puts a wide range of security and home automation controls at your fingertips. MULTIPLE ARMING OPTIONS Secure your home by arming your system “AWAY” or “STAY.” The Quick Arm/Exit and Bypass features offer added convenience. HOME AUTOMATION The built in Z-Wave radio makes it easy to add home automation conveniences including HVAC, appliance, lighting, and door/lock control. TWO-WAY RESPONSE OVER CELLULAR* Two-way voice lets central station operators listen in and talk to you when a signal is received, ensuring that the proper emergency response personnel will be dispatched if necessary. CONVENIENCE The fully self-contained panel contains a backup battery, and allows 64 user codes to monitor up to 60 wireless zones plus 2 wired zones. OVER-THE-AIR UPDATES* There’s no need to worry about the panel’s software becoming outdated. With our Over-the-Air (OTA)function, the panel can be remotely updated with the latest software. REMOTE CONTROL OPTIONS* Always be in control by remotely managing your system from a computer or web-enabled smart phone.

  • one year warentee on all parts and labor. 3 day right of refusal